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EFSO is a registered non profit organization (Chandigarh U.T. ) working on sustainable development through various projects & awareness programs. EFSO’s main focus areas are environment, health & hygiene, green energy, food & sports.  EFSO is working on project Organic Meals on Green Wheels. A brief profile of the project  Organic Meals on Green Wheels, in […]

EFSO working on CSR – Promoting Responsible Living

EFSO is working on various projects, to create opportunities and environment and provide guidance for the Social & eco development of people and the area. EFSO provides innovative solutions to complex problems which require simple methods for the sustainable development of the world. It is very encouraging to know about the CSR policies of Corporate […]

Chandigarh to have Roof top Solar Homes

Small houses in the city could soon have battery rooms to store and use solar energy, as is being done in Germany. More streetlights using renewable energy and silicon spray technology is also on the cards to develop Chandigarh into a Solar City. At a meeting of UT officials chaired by UT administrator Shivraj Patil, it was […]

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