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EFSO is a registered non profit organization (Chandigarh U.T. ) working on sustainable development through various projects & awareness programs. EFSO’s main focus areas are environment, health & hygiene, green energy, food & sports.



 EFSO is working on project Organic Meals on Green Wheels.

A brief profile of the project

 Organic Meals on Green Wheels, in Chandigarh.

The detail of the operation of the project ORGANIC MEALS ON GREEN WHEELS  For the sustainable development and awareness on Conservation of Energy,  Benefits of Organic Meals to consumer, Farmers as well as Environment.

1)This Concept Organic Meals on Green Wheels ©

is copyrighted only EFSO will be eligible for the awareness in this manner. EFSO will do this work on No Profit No Loss basis as a social work.

2)On Organic Meals on Green Wheels ©

Staff will recruited from Economically Week – ST, SC, Qualified students who have passed from Govt.  Food & Craft Institution.

This Eco Friendly Energy Efficient Multi Utility Mobile van will have photovoltic Solar panels on the Roof top of vehicle to charge the batteries & CNG engine  to run the system of the vehicle, This vehicle will be fitted with LED lights and TV. Organic processed or Eco friendly food means Making a commitment  to healthy eating is a great start towards healthier life. There is the question of food safety, Nutrition, & Sustainability i.e How food is grown organized & consumed  can impact both your health & the environment.

To encourage the organic farming it becomes our utmost duty to buy their products & process it in more Hygienic & Healthy manners to sell in a market in this way organic farm producers will get better price. This pursuit will ensure an organized market for the organic farm producers and in turn will ensure a sustainable development of the organic farming and the farmers. This embraces the promotion of (1) Economic (2) social (3) Environmental issues

The TV fitted on a van will promote solar homes and the latest schemes introduced by MNRE. The residents & the public will be informed about the subsidies & other benefits given by the MNRE/BEE & the state government. As per our study, the general public is very less aware of concept of rooftop solar power generation & net metering policy introduced by the state government to promote renewable energy. The awareness made through this vehicle will be very impactful for the promotion of sustainable development.