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EFSO working on CSR – Promoting Responsible Living

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Responsible Living
Sustainable Development

EFSO is working on various projects, to create opportunities and environment and provide guidance for the Social & eco development of people and the area. EFSO provides innovative solutions to complex problems which require simple methods for the sustainable development of the world.
It is very encouraging to know about the CSR policies of Corporate & Financial Institutions, by promoting responsible living among the customer and creating atmosphere of belongingness & to fetch goodwill.
EFSO would like to invite prestigious Organisations for joint initiative program on project promoting sustainable development (1) Multipurpose Eco Friendly Community Halls, Health & Smart School Education for EWS (2) Organic Meals On Green Wheels (promoting Organic Farming, Solar Homes) (3) Ecotourism, Responsible Tourism (4) Awareness on CSR (Sustainable Development ) (5) Eco Sports ( Green living Clean Living , – Walkathon , Cyclothon, Tournaments, Eco Friendly stadiums, Awareness Campaigning for Climate Change etc.
EFSO will be a stepping stone towards the social cause that will bring good name to your Organisation.

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